Living by Design: a Creative Journey

Hey, Mosaic!


Honestly, it’s the little things in life that really matter. The Mosaic app is a prime example of that. I saw a sponsored link for the app in my Facebook feed, and I instantly downloaded it. The beautiful cover design really caught my attention.

It was right before Father’s Day. I love snapping iPhone photos of my son and my husband as they interact with each other and spend quality time together. I thought it would be a perfect gift to make a collage of all the little moments… Read more »

Google Glass – The Future Is Here!

You have probably already heard of Google’s new product Google Glass – still in development but ready to be released before the end of the year. Although this cool gadget will not be affordable for everyone ($1,500) right away, this is only the beginning, and we can possibly foresee Google Glass become more mainstream in the years to come.

Google Glass

Google Glass, photo via Google

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Facebook’s Mobile Gifting – a Sweet Delight!

Facebook Gift

Happy Valentine’s Day! So, I got on Facebook this morning, and there was a pleasant surprise. At the top of my feed, a message popped up encouraging me to give a Valentine’s gift to someone special. It really made me curious. So, I decided to satisfy my curiosity and see what it’s all about. Read more »

Family “Tacky Christmas Sweater” Project

Tacky Sweater

Tacky Sweater

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you all have enjoyed the holiday season. This year seemed a lot more eventful for me with lots of parties, events and crafty projects. This Christmas, my family was invited to a Tacky Sweater party, so I decided to create my own sweaters for each member of my family. Read more »

Back-to-School Chalkboard

Chalkboard Wall

It’s back-to-school time, and, that means, it’s time to learn, explore and create. Speaking of exploring and creating, what a great way to start the school year right by surprising your child with their own chalkboard, or even better, a chalkboard wall. What a dream come true! Who would have thought, a wall-destroying-pencil-drawing stereotype could be turned into such a positive venture. Read more »


50-foot-long mud pit thumbnail
LUVMUD logo tattoo thumbnail
5k with obstacles thumbnail
LUVMUD t-shirt thumbnail
50-foot-long mud pit
LUVMUD logo tattoo
5k with obstacles
LUVMUD t-shirt

50-foot-long mud pit

LUVMUD logo tattoo

5k with obstacles

LUVMUD t-shirt

This past weekend, I got to participate in LUVMUD Island, a 5k mud race on Mud Island. I would say, this is one of the most creative races I’ve ever been to – outfitted with costumes, obstacles, the mud pit, and even the iPad (about that later). The race in Memphis supports Habitat for Hope, a local charity. This is my second time to run in this race, and it was just as fun as last year. In spite of the super hot weather, the race was full of thrill and excitement. It was like doing a Survivor… well, the mild version of it. Some of the obstacles included running through tires, climbing over hay barrels, going down the slip-n-slide (my favorite), and, of course, plowing through a 50-foot-long pit of mud. The most interesting part of the event was the iPad challenge. The first person to find an iPad, buried inside the mud pit, was going to be one lucky winner (too bad that wasn’t me). Check out the LUVMUD website for pictures, videos and what’s to come next.