Living by Design: a Creative Journey

Perfect Little Burger

I have never been much of a burger person but I finally came up with the recipe which made me fall in love with hamburgers once again. Let me introduce the perfect little mini-burger.


The meat is loaded with rice, carrots, and onions, so it’s really juicy and flavorful. Put it on a wheat toast, and you got yourself some healthy carbs. This burger is small and easy to eat (similar in size to the Krystal burger), and it makes a perfect appetiser for any party.
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“Manti” (Russian Steamed Dumplings)

This is one of my favorite Russian recipes – “Manti.” Although this dish is very popular in Russia, it’s influenced by the Asian cuisine.


The Russians steam the manti in a special pot called “Mantnitsa” but you can buy a steaming pot at an Asian market (the typical steamer consists of a boiling pot and two tiers). This recipe a rather involved, so you have to dedicate yourself! This dish is great to make on a weekend and then enjoy all week as it preserves really well in the fridge. Read more »

International Women’s Day

Yesterday, Russia celebrated the International Women’s Day, It is a major day of global celebration for the political, economic, and social achievements of women.

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How To Make a Diaper Cake

diaper cake

It seems that everyone is having babies these days. I’ve attended a baby shower recently for one of my friends, and it was a blast. But even more so, I had the best time preparing my gift. First, I looked to the typical baby gift registry by scanning a few items, but then I had a second thought and decided to make my own gift — a diaper cake. So, I did some research on the internet and came up with my own version of my first diaper cake. Read more »

A Cup of Tea = A Cup of Health

teaI just love my hot tea. I think, if I were to count the number of tea cups I drank in my entire life up until this point, it would average to roughly 27375 cups. Hot tea is very popular in Russia. Read more »

The Mechanics of a Russian Name

Do you ever watch movies which have Russian characters in them, and their names always sound something like Petrovich or Barishnikov, and have you ever wondered whether it’s the first or the last name of a person you hear. Well, here is some insight into the mechanics of Russian names to help you get acquainted better. Read more »